ATLAS Experiment CERN
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 ATLAS Fact Sheets 

Fact Sheets are available at the ATLAS Secretariat.

 1-Page Fact Sheet  

 9-Page Fact Sheets
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Pages 1a and 1b (Detector, Calorimeters, Muon System, Inner Detector, Pixel Detector, Semiconductor Tracker, Transition Radiation Tracker)
Pages 2a and 2b (Surface hall, Cavern, Detector, Magnet system, Solenoid, Toroid)
Pages 3a and 3b (Event rates, Physics processes, Supersymmetric particles, Comparing LHC with Cosmic rays, Heavy ion collisions)
Pages 4a and 4b (Trigger and Data Acquisition TDAQ, Computing)
Pages 5a and 5b (Large Hadron Collider)
Pages 6a and 6b (ATLAS Collaboration)
Pages 7a and 7b (How ATLAS collaborates)
Pages 8a and 8b (How ATLAS collaborates, ATLAS Collaboration)
Pages 9a and 9b (ATLAS Images, ATLAS Video Clips)