ATLAS Experiment CERN

The ATLAS Detector

Diameter: 25m
Length: 46m
Barrel Toroid Length: 26m
Overall weight: 7000 tonnes
~100 million electronic channels
3000 km of cables

Full Detector
Calorimeters Measure the energies carried by the particles

Liquid Argon (LAr) Calorimeter

  • Barrel 6.4 m long, 53 cm thick, 110,000 channels.
  • Works with Liquid Argon at -183º C
  • LAr endcap consists of the forward calorimeter, electromagnetic (EM) and hadronic endcaps.
  • EM endcaps each have thickness 0.632 m and radius 2.077 m.
  • Hadronic endcaps consist of two wheels of thickness 0.8 m and 1.0 m with radius 2.09 m.
  • Forward calorimeter has three modules of radius 0.455 m and thickness 0.450 m each.

Tile Calorimeter (TileCal)

  • Barrel made of 64 wedges, each 5.6 m long and 20 tonnes.
  • Each Endcap has 64 wedges, each 2.6 m long.
  • 500,000 plastic scintillator tiles.
Muon System Identfies and measures the momenta of muons

Thin Gap Chambers
For triggering and 2nd coordinate measurement (non-bending direction) at ends of detector.

  • 440,000 channels
Resistive Plate Chambers
For triggering and 2nd coordinate measurement in central region.
  • 380,000 channels
  • Electric Field 5,000 V/mm
Monitored Drift Tubes
Measure curves of tracks.
  • 1,171 chambers with total 354,240 tubes (3 cm diameter, 0.85-6.5 m long).
  • Tube resolution 80 μm
Cathode Strip Chambers
Measure precision coordinates at ends of detector.
  • 70,000 channels
  • Resolution 60 μm