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Handing In the ATLAS Keys
[December 2014]

After completing more than 250 work packages concerning the whole detector and experimental site, the ATLAS and CERN teams involved with Long Shutdown 1 (LS1) operations are now wrapping things up before starting the commissioning phase in preparation for the Large Hadron Collider’s restart. The giant detector is now more efficient, safer and even greener than ever thanks to the huge amount of work carried out over the past two years.

Dirt Detectives
[December 2014]

For five days last week, 110 ATLAS collaborators worked in 10 different shifts to help clean and inspect the detector and the cavern that houses it before the toroid magnets are turned on. The whole endeavour is a delicate process as the collaborators wiped and vacuumed surfaces in all 16 phi sectors of the detector looking for any minuscule object that may have been left behind during the two years of upgrade and maintenance work. Here are glimpses from the cleaning project:

The ATLAS experiment on Scholarpedia
[December 2014]

An overview of the ATLAS experiment written by physicists Monica Dunford and Peter Jenni has been published on Scholarpedia. The article is the first in the series on experimental high-energy physics that the editors of the subject hope to host on the website.

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