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The ATLAS Experiment is searching for an extremely broad variety of signs of new as-yet undiscovered physics. Many theories have been discussed in physics journals, and ATLAS has tremendous capabilities to investigate the signatures predicted by these theories.

This plot gives an overview of a representative selection of the available results. Since there have been no discoveries with these early data, most results are summarized by saying that ATLAS has excluded a mass range below some value. In this plot, each bar shows the region that has been excluded at the 95% confidence level.

The data were shown at the Rencontres de Moriond meeting in March 2012 in La Thuile.

Some of the abbreviations used are:
ED = extra dimensions and UED = universal extra dimension
BH = black holes and QBH = quantum black holes
LQ = leptoquarks
ADD, RS, and DY are refer to authors' initials.
SS = same sign
SSM = sequential Standard Model
LRSM = left-right symmetric model
BR = branching ratio

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