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End-cap toroid magnets assembly shows great progress

The assembly of the two end-cap toroids in building 191 is progressing very well. The first toroid cold mass is already in its vacuum vessel nicely dressed with thermal radiation shield and super insulation. This cryostat will soon be closed by mounting the 11m-diameter endflanges at both side of the vessel, and the vacuum pumps will be switched on a few days before Christmas. Next February, the Endcap Toroid-A will be parked in the street near building 180, connected to the cooling system and will undergo a full thermal cycling test down to 80K, after which it will be ready for the cavern.

endcap toroid assembly
The end-cap toroid magnet on the right is nearly complete,and Cold Mass C on the left is fully assembled.

endcap toroid assembly1
The end-cap toroid team.

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