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Higgs Explanation Image 1 To understand the Higgs mechanism, imagine that a room full of physicists chattering quietly is like space filled with the Higgs field ...
Higgs Explanation Image 2 ... a well-known scientist walks in, creating a disturbance as he moves across the room and attracting a cluster of admirers with each step ...
Higgs Explanation Image 3 ... this increases his resistance to movement, in other words, he acquires mass, just like a particle moving through the Higgs field...
... if a rumor crosses the room, ... Higgs Explanation Image 4
... it creates the same kind of clustering, but this time among the scientists themselves.

In this analogy, these clusters are the Higgs particles.

Higgs Explanation Image 5

We thank CERN for use of these images and text. The concept was inspired by Prof. David J. Miller of University College London who won a prize for a lucid explanation of the Higgs Boson.


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